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Corporate finance and extraordinary transactions

Thanks to the availability of different professionals (tax, accounting, legal) we design and implement strategic, financial and operational solutions, offering complete and constant assistance in order to promote the creation of value for the business of customers.

In this context, we have acquired specific skills in the field of extraordinary transactions such as the transfer of share packages, company shares or businesses / business units, acquisitions, mergers, demergers, transformations, contributions of goods or companies / business units as well as in support to the company in the start-up phase.

We have also gained significant experience in operations related to the generational transition of the company, pursuing the goal of maximum efficiency in preserving corporate value in such a delicate phase.

Preparation of appraisals and evaluations of businesses, companies and shareholdings
Industrial and Business Plans
Consultancy for the sale of share packages, company shares or
businesses / business branches
Consultancy and assistance for acquisitions, mergers, demergers, transformations,
contribution of goods or companies / business branches
Liquidation of Companies
Leverage buy-out, Family and Management buy-out
Advice and assistance to the company in the start-up phase
Tax, accounting and legal due diligence
Stock option plans
Strategies for generational transition