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Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO is our Brand that identifies the specific activity aimed at helping the company to:

  • be aware of one’s own economic, patrimonial and financial state of health
  • fulfill the obligations introduced by the new Crisis Code.

Our work is embodied in specific professional advice that allows the company to be aware of its financial situation.

The renewed art. 2086 of the Civil Code obliges all companies to establish an organizational, administrative and accounting structure appropriate to the nature and size of the company. That entails the need for the company to have a continuous monitoring system of its economic and financial performance in order to be able to detect any symptoms of crisis in advance and to react promptly.

In most cases, especially for small businesses that make up a large part of the Italian business fabric, the implementation of such a monitoring system requires the assistance of specialized consultants who have adequate knowledge and experience in the field of corporate finance.

There are softwares on the market that promise to solve corporate financial problems; our belief is that corporate finance cannot be managed by aseptic IT products that are difficult to use and even more complex to interpret even by personnel with medium-level skills, but only with the help of specialized consultants.

We operate through professionally qualified interventions, guaranteeing continuous and targeted advice on the real problems encountered; we are able to equip our customers with specific tools that can help solve these problems and, at the same time, become fully aware of the company’s financial health.